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Comes with a meal, bottle of wine, drink, popcorn and a snack.


Comes with popcorn, drink and a snack.
Age Policy
  • Children 2 years old and under: free if carried on parents lap, carrier, or stroller.

  • Child ticket for certain performances if he or she is aged 3 – 14 years old, and able to produce on request a valid and current form of photo ID.

  • 15 years and above: Adult ticket


Marturion Cinemas Limited is an exhibitor of cinema content, dedicated to giving our guests a great cinematic experience at all times.

Marturion Cinemas is part of the Marturion Group, dedicated to the creation, distribution and exhibition of entertainment content across all consumer bases in Nigeria and beyond.

We opened our first outlet in the ever busy and heavily populated though underserved Igando area of Alimosho Local Government in Lagos in order to bring the cinema experience to the hitherto neglected masses in the Lagos Metropolis.

We offer the best of Hollywood and Nollywood movies, in very serene and comfortable environment, in addition to great concession services.

We also offer school excursions, movie premieres, and special screenings.

To meet the needs of the millions of film consumers in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general, we plan to expand rapidly over the next few years to 5 outlets in Lagos and one each in other major urban centers in the country.